I am a researcher and student of the Life Sciences with a passion for technology.

At present, I am a third-year biochemistry student at Berkeley and a co-founder and managing partner at H2 Micro.

Here are some highlights of my experience.

Me and my vision.

My foremost goal in life is to work on problems whose solutions are likely to improve peoples' lives. I am pursuing this goal through a career in life sciences research, augmented with computational techniques.

Currently, I am working to acquire the skills to effectively tackle these problems. I have been part of three different labs, working with techniques ranging from x-ray crystallography to convolutional neural networks. In addition, I co-founded the software development and consulting company H2 Micro, and I will soon complete my undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at Berkeley.

I was born and raised in Maine, and have come to enjoy playing the violin, rock climbing, and drinking coffee. I graduated in 2015 from the New Hampshire boarding school Phillips Exeter Academy.

Get in touch.

I am always happy to chat about interesting thoughts, ideas, or opportunities.

Feel free to reach out at!