I work on projects in connection with my research, my company H2 Micro, and sometimes for fun.

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H2 Micro Project | Healthcare | Beta

Medical Crosscheck

Crosscheck allows medical professionals to create, share, and use checklists in all aspects of their clinical practice and research. Checklists have been demonstrated time and again to improve safety and reliability in medicine, and we are bringing them to your fingertips.

Crosscheck Website

Scientific Tool | Structural Biology


Library of Python tools for simulating cryoEM particle data, analyzing alignments, perturbing data, and more. Developed during my time in the labs of Klim Verba and Jaime Fraser at UCSF.

Github Repo

Educational Tool | UC Berkeley


Tempo is a simple tool that helps instructors keep track of their students' attention and understanding in realtime. Tempo allows instructors to pace their class appropriately and identify knowledge gaps in their student’s understanding. The platform aggregates data automatically for instructors, making it easy to analyze aggregated, crowdsourced data and take action based on their data.