I'm Hersh, a scientist with a background in quantitative biology and computer science.

I apply computational and synthetic biology to reprogram human cells to create living therapies for cancer and other complex diseases. I'm currently a Ph.D. candidate at the UCSF Cell Design Institute.

I'm also a co-founder of Skolay and H2 Micro.

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Scientific Paper

Synthetic cytokine circuits that drive T cells into immune-excluded tumors.

Published in Science

Allen GM*, Frankel NW*, Reddy NR, Bhargava HK, Yoshida MA, Stark SR, Purl M, Lee J, Yee JL, Yu W, Li AW, Garcia KC, El-Samad H, Roybal KT, Spitzer MH, Lim WA.

We built a synthetic circuit that wires tumor antigen detection to cytokine production in T cells. This circuit produces the inflammatory cytokine IL-2 at super-physiological levels, and enables engineered T cells to overcome imunosuppressive “cold” tumor microenvironments, which are a hallmark of the cancers with the most severe prognoses.

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Skolay: 1:1 Office hours with your favorite creators.

Skolay helps thoughtful people with an audience (like authors, podcasters, Substackers, journalists) have casual 1:1 office-hours-like conversations without the need to give out personal info, send emails, reconcile schedules, or independently solicit payment.

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Scientific Paper

Computationally derived image signature of stromal morphology is prognostic of prostate cancer recurrence following prostatectomy in African American patients.

Published in Clinical Cancer Research

Bhargava HK, Leo P, Elliott R, Janowcyzk A, Whitney J, Gupta S, Fu P, Yamoah K, Rebbeck T, Feldman D, Lal P, Madabhushi A

We developed computer vision and machine learning to predict prostate cancer recurrence risk based on quantitative measurements of the intratumoral stroma computed from digitized H&E images.

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