Latest Projects

Social Tech

Status: Private Beta

Skolay: 1:1 Office hours with your favorite creators.

Skolay helps thoughtful people with an audience (like authors, podcasters, Substackers, journalists) have casual 1:1 office-hours-like conversations without the need to give out personal info, send emails, reconcile schedules, or independently solicit payment.

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Scientific Tool

STATUS: Complete & Open Source


Pubmed-Sieve is a tool that instantly generates Pubmed search queries and RSS feeds based on a Google Doc specifying author names, keywords, and other search parameters. It is designed to eliminate a number of pain points in following the scientific literature, and facilitate rapid creation and iteration on literature RSS feeds.

GitHub Repo   Launch via Binder   Writeup and Guide  

Medical Tech

Status: Private Beta

Medical Crosscheck.

Crosscheck allows medical professionals to create, share, and use checklists in all aspects of their clinical practice and research. Checklists have been demonstrated time and again to improve safety and reliability in medicine, and we are bringing them to your fingertips.

Crosscheck Website  

Climbing Tech


Hangon: Multiplayer hangboarding webapp.

Hangon is a free, multiplayer hang training app. Developed by me and Grace O’Toole during the pandemic.

Hangon Live  

Scientific Tool

STATUS: Complete & Open Source


Library of Python tools for simulating cryoEM particle data, analyzing alignments, perturbing data, and more. Developed during my time in the labs of Klim Verba and Jaime Fraser at UCSF.

GitHub Repo