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Adaptively following the scientific literature

By Hersh K. Bhargava • January 16, 2023

Adaptively following the scientific literature

My method for following the scientific literature in life science and medical research, including my open source tool to rapidly generate RSS feeds for PubMed searches. Continue reading.

Insider Information: Applying to Quantitative Biology PhD Programs

By Hersh K. Bhargava, James Fraser • November 13, 2022

The landscape of life science PhD programs and their admissions processes can be incredibly opaque. As former applicants who are now admissions committee members / grad program leaders, we want to share an insider picture to help aspiring scientists make the most informed decisions and craft the best applications possible. We have seen great candidates fail due to not understanding the (perhaps unfortunate, but nevertheless ubiquitous) peculiarities of academia, and it’s our goal to prevent that from being you! Continue reading.